Profound Learning Research Institute will be launching its groundbreaking teacher PLToolbox and Student Management and Learning System (Geenius).

Profound Learning Toolbox

The PL Toolbox is a repository of models, professional practices, tools and templates. The teacher will be given examples, tools and templates that enable easy implementation in their classroom

Integrated Student Learning and Management System (SLMS)

Planning Tools: for teacher that enables rich learning experiences to be designed with high level of student engagement and achievement

Tracking Tools: System generates student's Capacity Map which will help drive student autonomy.

Assessment Tools: The same planning tools will also connect into the assessment framework. As a fully integrated system a teacher will be able create rich experiences, track and assess the learning.

Learning Experience Orchestration: Profound Learning is all about the orchestration of the experience. The toolbox will contain a catalog of experiences which combines models, practices, tools and templates into one experience. The PLI software platform is designed to enable teachers to construct these dynamic experiences.

Patented Knowledge Transfer: The PLI patented knowledge transfer system enables 80-90% transfer of essential knowledge.



David Langford will coach you in how to:

  • develop shared purpose and vision.

  • achieving student autonomy resulting in the release of joy and brilliance.

  • create a curriculum/learning matrix for students and staff.

  • develop instructional strategies for integrated curriculum.

  • facilitate student-managed classrooms.

  • increase student engagement, intrinsic motivation, and love of learning.

  • learn strategies to meet state or provincial standards.

  • have fun and learn.

Upon registration you will receive a confirmation e-mail with suggested hotels, and other seminar information.

You will need to bring a laptop computer.

Please join us for four exciting days of fun and learning!  See for yourself why over 40,000 educators have attended this 4-Day Seminar since 1992.

Upon registration you will receive a confirmation e-mail with suggested hotels, and other seminar information.

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Master's Academy and College
4414 Crowchild Trail SW, Calgary, AB, Canada, T2T 5J4

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Learning at Master's K-3 – Autonomy in Action


Learning at Master's grades 4-6 – Autonomy in Action


Learning at Master's grades 7-12 – Autonomy in Action

Profound iCubed ( I3 ) Learning

Since 1997, Master's Academy and College have been developing its 21st century model of education called Profound Learning. Profound learning is an empowerment model of learning that elevates student learning to heights not achievable using traditional command and control industrial age model of education—it is all academic excellence and beyond.

Profound Learning is:

  • Exceeding all the current standards and expectations that have been set by provincial and state boards.

  • Equipping students with FUTURE READY skills that will enable them to succeed in an ever changing world.

Since 2006, the Profound iCubed Learning™ Model has emerged at Master's Academy and College, designed to activate and train students in all four iCubed identities , students as engineers, researchers, designers and visionaries. In Profound Learning Learning™, the role of the instructor is to intentionally create the context in which the four I3 identities can be developed.

More on Profound Learning…

Autonomy in Action

The videos on the left feature interviews with teachers and students from Master's Academy and College, Calgary, Alberta. The focus is on student autonomy which is achieved by implementing Quality Learning philosophy, tools and processes. Student autonomy achieved through Quality Learning is the foundation for Master's vision for Profound Learning, its FUTURE READY model of education that elevates learning performance for all students in ways not possible in the traditional command and control assembly line approach to education.

Future Ready Education

Langford International

Langford Quality Learning in organizations is achieved through continual improvement and redesign of systems, which aim to produce the optimum state of personal, social, physical, and intellectual development within each individual.  Quality Learning means learning to consistently meet or exceed expectations of colleagues (students, teachers, administrators, parents, professors, governing boards, classified staff) and society (business, military, government, healthcare, education) so both entities flourish.  It is a commitment to excellence by each individual and is achieved through teamwork and a process of continual improvement and/or redesign.  The result: society and colleague loyalty now and in the future.

Individuals learn to chart their learning, evaluate their progress and take responsibility for their own learning (intrinsic motivation).  When implementing Langford Quality Learning techniques and basic statistical tools, learners improve their learning processes by identifying, defining and overcoming the barriers that stand in their way.

David P. Langford first implemented quality learning tools, techniques, theories, and philosophies in the educational environment over two decades ago.  The results were dramatic.  Students realized that school exists to foster life-long learning and happiness.  Since that time, Langford International Inc. has integrated continual improvement and redesign methods and concepts into student learning, school leadership, and promoting partnerships between the corporate and education worlds.  Over 40,000 educators from around the world have attended David's seminars and continue to use his training as the basis for a 21st Century learning transformation.

"Change is not mandatory…survival is optional."

- Dr. W. Edwards Deming

Profound Learning Research Institute (PLRI)

As part of its ongoing vision for Future Ready Education, Master's Education Society has established a non-profit entity called Profound Learning Research Institute. PL Research Institute, through its many strategic partnerships, is researching and developing Future Ready Education called Profound iCubed Learning to be implemented at Master's Academy and College.


  • To release the joy of learning and the brilliance resident in every child

  • To research and develop iCubed Profound LearningModel (Future Ready Education)

  • To develop a global network of school districts, schools, educators, designers and innovators, around Future Ready Education

  • To train and equip teachers around the world to be practitioners of Profound Learning,

  • training, resources and tools to implement Profound Learning (iCubed Learning) will be available online

  • teacher certification program

  • tools for tracking and reporting teacher professional development as well as student learning

  • activating innovation and creativity which is essential for future success

  • To elevate the performance of all students and preparing students to be truly FUTURE READY

Strategic Partnerships

  • Langford International

    • David Langford, is a global leader and founder of the Quality Learning movement currently being practiced in thousands of schools globally. The Langford methodology is one of four core elements of the iCubed Learning Model.

  • MG Taylor Corp

    • MG Taylor is a thought leader in innovation and design and will be instrumental in helping to build the global network of Centres of Transformation. PLRI has a Master license to the vast MGTaylor IP which is integral to the iCubed Learning model.

  • JW Wilson

    • JW Wilson, has spent the past two decades conducting research into the fields of neuroscience, genetics, molecular biology, evolutionary biology, quantum physics, complexity science and chaos theory. The result of his extensive over 20 years of brain research he has discovered the "Learning Code" a scientific detective story and a paradigm shift in understanding how we learn.

  • Kultur Design

    • Jeff Graham has joined the PLRI to pioneer and develop Design Based Learning and i.d.School. Jeff has been a practitioner of the Taylor methodology for Group Genius and has developed a deep understanding of Design Thinking and Learning.


    • The GEENIUS patented software platform on which PLRI is building its solution. The PLToobox will enable teachers to create the Student Learning Roadmaps (Capacity Matrix) that fits into an overall automated system of tracking, accountability and reporting of student learning.  To free students from the assembly line, getting rid of bells and subject periods, we need a system that enables a teacher to track individual student learning in real time.